Osho Om Prakash Peeth

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Swami Shunyam Prakash
June Estate - Bhimtal
Distt. Nainital:-   263136
Uttarakhand:-  India

Phone No:    05942-247222
Mobile:         09557713399


Website: www.oshopeeth.com

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Stay Arrangement

For participation in the human growth programme, the contributions from the participants are required as follows.

Dormitory Contribution for Accommodation of Full Camp :- Rs 3100/- Inclusive Food

You Stay daily basis Aawas and Dhayan Dormitory  : Rs: 1000/-

Important Information                                                     

It is needless to say the gates of the Peeth are always open. Yet kindly give prior information through phone or mail. Please bring adequate woolen clothes and torch.


About us

The joy of meditation in such tranquil surrounding is indeed unparalleled. It offers the perfect relaxation of mind soothes the senses and surely brings one closer to oneself ? the internal being. Daily meditation programmes are organized on the lines of vision of OSHO. Some of them are ? Dynamic meditation, No-Dimension, Vipassana, Natraj, Mystic-Rose, Kundalini, Osho discourses, White Robe Brotherhood, Pranayams etc. Treatment is also provided for Heart ailment, Depressions Irregular sleep etc. Meditation camps are organized every month not only at the Peeth but also in other cites which are conducted by Swami Shunyam Prakash.

Best Time for Visit

April, May, June, September, October are the most pleasant months. Monsoon adds unique beauty to the mountains. The clad Himalayas also provides breathtaking sights during the winter months. Many are cherishing the sweet nectar of meditation under the guidance of Swami Shunyam Prakash. You cannot afford miss out.

Daily Programme

07.00 AM to 08.30 AM :- Dynamic Meditation, Yog and Pranayam.

10.00 Am to 11.30 AM :- Vippassana / Anapansati Yog / Chakara  Breathing / Orja Yog

11.30 AM to 1.00 PM  :- No-Dimension/No-Mind Meditation 

03.00 PM to 04.30 PM :- Nadbraham / Kundalini and Onkar Meditation.

6.30 PM :- Sandhya Satsang with the Master, Osho Discourses and Meditations.